Montgomery United Soccer Club takes great pride in joining other clubs as part of EPYSA’s Putting Kids First Tryout Commitment.

As part of EPYSA’s Putting Kids First Tryout Commitment, we will not hold tryouts at any point prior to May 1, 2020. We stand with EPYSA and many of our local clubs in recognizing our commitment to provide what is best for every child playing soccer. Early try-outs, ID clinics or so-called ‘kick arounds’ for the purpose of identifying players creates undue pressure on a child and in many instances the parents as well.

We declare that we will not hold tryouts, in any form, with the intent of forming a team to play in the 2020-2021 soccer year prior to May 1st, 2020. The only exceptions will be for our U9 and academy programs, both kicking off the last week in April, which aligns with the EPYSA initiative.

We understand that “Kick Arounds, ID Clinics” and other similar type events can be considered a tryout. We want to allow youth to develop through the entire soccer year without the added pressure solicited by the adults of our club. Montgomery United Soccer Club proclaims that we will abide by this declaration to put kids first when it comes to the tryout start date.

As a club, we know how stressful the spring season can be for our players and their families. One of the benefits of this initiative is that teams can remain in-tact through the bulk of their spring season, allowing players and their families to maintain their team unity.

We are proud to stand beside other local, well-respected clubs, who all agree that EPYSA’s tryout initiative to ‘Put Kids First’ benefits our players and their families.

Montgomery United Soccer Club, as part of Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer, exists to promote, foster and perpetuate the game of soccer. We know that the Putting Kids First Tryout Commitment is an important step in meeting those goals.

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